The 2018/2019 Schedule is up!

The Engine Room

Located inside Speed Theory on 10th Ave. SW


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Classes start on the week of Jan. 7th 2019 and go to March 29th 2019. We then go month to month through April and sometimes May.


Cost for the 3 month membership, starting Oct 9th 2018 and ending March 29th 2019:

Weekday twice-a-week: $690 + GST

Weekend once-a-week volume class: $450 + GST

Bike mounting and storage for 6 months: $175 + GST

Most classes go through April and some go through May, but they switch to month-to-month at that time.



Current as of Sept 10 2018

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If you have registered, here is a quick little video created by my daughter and I about some of the common questions associated with the studio.

  The studio in action!


The studio (The Engine Room) is using Computrainers with software I have been using for 7 years, and helped develop, with my Spinmommas when I was still working out of my basement! It has the capability (though not required) to use your own wireless devices, like your Garmin or Wahoo Cadence and HR monitors! The data from your complete workout will be available and easily analysed post-training session! Power progress will be monitored with quantifiable numbers. Cycling is not all about power, but it is useful and fun to watch something quantifiable. The classes will still focus on technique, ride strategy, pacing, nutrition, confidence, safety in groups, and fun as well! The addition of the Computrainers now allows consistent training at thresholds specified by the instructor. The ability to have a quantified reliable instantaneous output to give you feedback as to your current and 'over time' performance provides you with extremely useful feedback and extra motivation. 

All of my classes and those of my instructors have no ability criteria, however, the classes are designed to prepare you to progress toward a goal or event. It doesn't matter if you are preparing for a cycling vacation, a Gran Fondo, racing off the front in a cycling event, striving for a personal best time, or simply wanting to commute more safely and competently, I want you to have goals and be motivated to achieve them. It is not a general unstructured fitness class and we don't make pretty sets simply to pass the time. We spend our precious time in the saddle getting more competent on the bike and talking / getting pumped about training hard, riding outside, and maybe attending an event. There are no egos at this class; everyone is the same speed on a trainer. If you are a triathlete, these classes will likely make you faster even on the run.

These classes drastically differ from generic spin classes in several ways. They follow a progression to land you in March / April a superior cyclist and athlete than when you began 6 months prior. While the end result will be quality fitness, my instructors and I do not teach simply to 'burn calories'. Similar to your participation being goal oriented, my goal will be to make you more competent, confident, safe, skilled and faster on the bike. This involves laying the ground work in early season and progressing intelligently toward the outdoor season. The training sessions are hard. The classes (time on the bike) will vary in length.

The bottom line: good company, great music, and smart sessions.

Each 55 - 120min class is capped at a hard 15 cyclists. I like to keep the class size down and keep the personability up. You will find after a few classes you have a whole new group of friends to help you achieve your goals.

When purchasing, please realize I am selling a membership to 'reserve a spot' that will be there guaranteed for you during the time frames you registered for. I am not selling individual drop-in classes in a package. I steer away from 'drop-ins' as workout progression throughout the 6 months is calculated carefully, and all cyclists are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible to ensure they can execute to maximum effect.

Please peruse the calendar above and choose the cycling class that best suits your time schedule. All classes are sold in groups of two time allotments and are colour coded accordingly. Once you have chosen the time frame that works for you, proceed to the bottom of the page to register!

Hand Picked Instructors

(Instructor Bio pages)

I am very fortunate to have assembled this list of Instructors that will all be teaching Doctrine programs with their own unique flare. The cumulative relevant experience that will be available to my indoor cyclists is truelyamazing. Michael Godfrey has the most cool background belonging to Canada's Ariel Freestyle National Team before turning professional and touring the world. His stunning body awareness is pivotal in his teachings of the Doctrine method and augment the program seamlessly. Marie Michalski's background in ariel acrobatics and Pilates Instructor Training, coupled with her recent rise in regional cycling racing and Xterra will have you appreciating the proper movement of the human body while you are working hard. Cat Young joins us again and has established a large following in her classes. She is married to a hair model who makes other men feel self-conscience. I am excited to have Sherri Buchignani coaching full time with The Doctrine Training as she is one of the most well known and respected local indoor and outdoor coaches in Calgary. The Engine Room has Stephan Becker coaching when he's not racing as one of Alberta's best road cyclists and his classes enjoy the 'racing' perspective he brings to his time coaching.  The JCC is lucky to have Kevin McClelland rounding out our impressive list of coaches as he brings his endless enthusiasm and great motivation to every class.


What to bring to class

You DO NOT need to bring a trainer! You will need to bring your bike, shoes, workout clothing, 1 or 2 towels, water bottle(s), and post-workout nutrition. This sounds like a lot, however my cyclists quickly get into a routine and it is no problem.

Bike Mounting and Storage Service?

The studio will have room for 40 bikes for cyclists who would rather leave their bikes at the studio. Please email me if you would like to take advantage of this. It will be $58 a month (paid for over a 6 month period) and will include the instructor mounting your bike for you prior to you getting to class. This storage will be mainly targeted to the cyclists in the 'Power Lunch', 'Day Trader', and Spinmommas classes as it will work more efficiently on a strict time schedule. 

Cycling to a vacation!

Motivation is the key when attending these classes. You will find if you ask around in the class there are many different manifestations of motivation. Several of my cyclists used my inaugural May Cycling Vacation in Oliver as one of their early seasons goals. This works extremely well and every one of the attendees had a great time. This year (2019) I will be hosting three Cycling Vacations in Oliver in May. If you would like to put down a deposit on this, then click the button below. I will then contact you with which dates you would like and we'll go from there. 


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Volume Classes

Friday mid-mornings 9:30pm - 11:30pm  Instructor: Sherri Buchignani 

Saturday mornings 6:30pm - 8:30pm  Instructor: Cat Young 

Saturday mornings 9:00pm - 11:10pm Instructors:  TrevMike, Linda, Tanya, Marie.

Sunday mornings 8:30pm - 10:30pm  Instructors:  TrevMike, Linda, Tanya, Marie.



These will be a 2 hour volume-based classes that will be primarily continuous sessions meant to mimic a solid ride outside. We will still focus on coordination and pedal stroke, but in a continuous-based manner that will complement the other classes or act as a stand-a-lone if you aren't already coming to The Engine Room. The power band will be narrower than the shorter classes to compensate for the increased length. All abilities welcome as the class is limited to 15 and we can tailor the session based on your history and requirements.

Weekday Classes

Monday / Wednesday Evenings 7:00pm - 8:05pm  Instructors:  Cat

Evening Favourite  

This is my most popular and historical class; many of the participants have been with me in excess of 6 years! This year, Marie and Cat are going to head this class. We've had the pleasure to watch many cyclists progress with their skills and enjoyment on the bike year over year. This class follows a progression I continually developing and constantly improving. If you are interested in preparing to become a better cyclist in general (and this doesn't just mean big power), then this class and all those offered below are your ticket. It isn't a free ticket, or an easy ticket, but it is a REAL ticket. Cat will be teaching this class, and even though she is just a kid compared to most of us, you will appreciate the extensive athletic history she brings to the table and the associated stories! If you are lucky her husband, the model, will show up to cheer you on.  

Monday / Wednesday Morning 6:00am - 7:10am   Instructor:  Trev

Tuesday / Thursday Morning 6:00am - 7:10am  Instructor:  Trev


These classes have gained immensely in popularity over the last several years. Cyclists realize that once home from work, there are too many distractions and responsibilities to reliably and consistently get in a solid session. Having a reliable solid session in the bag once you get to work in the morning has been found by my cyclists to remarkably reduce the stress throughout the day as well as the stress associated with negotiating a training session in the evening. Most cyclists in this class do not stay for the core session as work is calling, however, it is an option. 




Tuesday / Thursday 7pm - 8:10pm Instructor:  Mike


These classes mirror the Monday / Wednesday 'Evening Favourite' class. This class follows a progression Trev has been developing and constantly improving. Mike will bring his energy, radio voice, and years of race cycling experience and stories to the class along with Trev's progressively developed training sessions. Mike and Trev have ridden countless hours together and he has been pivotal in my development of the Doctrine Protocol.

Monday / Wednesday Morning 9:30am - 11:00am   Instructor:  Sherri


Sherri's group will work on many of the same staples as the groups being developed by Trev however these classes will be slightly longer and will contain sets that reflect the extra volume.





Tuesday / Thursday Morning 9:15am - 10:20am   Instructor: Trev


This is a women's-only class. I started this class six years ago and never imagined how much fun it would be. This class is targeted torward the women who is interested in learning about cycling and finding how enjoyable it can really be. I usually have a wide range from absolute beginners to fairly experienced. The great thing about this class is I can focus directly on women specific limiters (in all aspects: power generation, technique, confidence) without any dudes around to mess with the vibe :)   At the end of 2017, most of my Spinmommas came to Oliver with me for a 4 day Cycling Vacation and we had an absolute blast!


Tuesday and Thursday Lunch 12:00am - 12:57pm   Instructor:  Trev

Monday and Wednesday Lunch 12:00pm - 12:57pm   Instructor:  Sherri


These classes are now a staple for 2017/2018 and will be focused on the corporate athlete who would like to get their training session in before the gamble that awaits them at home. This session will be focused and succinct. My plan for this time slot is that most of the cyclists will take advantage of the bike storage option, so that you can leave your desk, walk over, change, jump on your bike which is already set up for you, get in a useful, intelligent, hard 55min, and be back at your desk with a smile on your face in extremely short order. I look forward to teaching this new class as I believe it will have a unique energy. We will have to schedule an extra evening class about 1 month in, where we end with a beer at the adjoining pub so we can all get to know each other better!




Tuesday / Thursday Early Evening 5:15pm - 6:20pm   Instructor:  Sherri

Wednesday Early Evening 5:15pm - 6:20pm   Instructor: Stephan

Pre-Dinner Go  

This class is aimed at those that want to transition directly from work to their exercise before heading home to the family. The classes will be similar to the other weekday classes which focus on Interval and Tempo work and designed to provide you with the motivation and environment to encourage you to hit the intensities desired..