Instructor:  Stephan Becker

Stephan teaches:  Wednesday Post-Work Dutch Watts 5:15pm  60min Class.



Stephan is a new rider to the Alberta scene. He started cycling before he could walk (as every Dutch\born citizen). At age 16 the road cycling bug caught him. In the years after Stephan started to become a more experienced road racer and active in the Dutch racing scene. Racing for a few years in the Netherlands taught him how to ride flats and how to conquer unforgiving head winds. Stephan moved to Calgary in the summer of 2014 where he quickly jumped in the local cycling

community, as (like many of us) he could only do so long without riding his bike. Since 2016 he races
with Peloton Racing where he managed to create a name for himself in the Alberta racing scene. Our latest instructor Stephan has a variety of coaching experience with indoor and outdoor riding and is always happy to share any experiences and tips he has gained in the past 10 years.


Monday / Wednesday Dutch Watts 5:20pm in The Engine Room


In a departure from our typical format, Stephan will coach a class catered to cyclists with very ambitious goals for 2017. The class will be heavily interval based, high energy, and will make use of the ability to ride courses on the Computrainers with other riders providing energy and motivation! The class will consist of a structured progression designed to exist within the cyclist's own program that most likely consists of another interval session that week as well as a higher volume consistent session. We will focus on rolly to hilly courses with varying length tempos and intervals. Stephan will be able to use his experience coaching higher end cyclists to give appropriate advice and tips. There will be more head-to-head cycling with a fun full event for the last class!  Register here!