2016 will mark my 5 year of hosting cycling vacation in the Okanagan! I can't believe it has been so long! We have taken some amazing pictures along the way, hopefully enjoyed by the cyclists that have come out to Oliver with us and beyond. I have organized them into specific years and weeks.

Along with the riding, the company, the wine, the cool little local proprietors, is one of the main attractions every year; that is Anna-Marie's gourmet pampering of the vacationers. Anna-Marie has provided a large portion of her receipes for you to make magic in your own kitchen on her website through her Victoria-based AMaZe Active Health. Please visit her site to browse the many different delicacies we've enjoyed throughout the years.


Oliver Pictures

2015 Week 1

2015 Week 2

2015 Week 3

2014 Week 1

2014 Week 2

2013 Week 1

2013 Week 2