Instructor:  Michael Godfrey

Michael teaches:  Voigt-isms   60 - 70min class.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00pm in The Engine Room

He also teaches on rotation for the Weekend Volume classes. 


 Class Description

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00pm

This class offers an alternative time frame but same intelligent progression to Trev’s 'Evening Favourite' classes. These constantly evolving sessions have proven themselves year after year for preparing cyclists to ride safely and enjoyably and excel outside. Cyclists enjoyed Mike's experienced-laced examples of 'lessons learned on the road' and found them useful when taking the bike outside. This class is open to cyclists of all abilities and will follow a solid progression to ensure you arrive in spring of 2015 a faster, more complete cyclist. While this class can prepare racers for the rigors of competition, it in no way is exclusive to this 'mindset' of cyclist. The sessions will also prepare recreational cyclists to more competently and safely ride in groups (like with the friends you will meet in class!). Cyclists will also increase their enjoyment and speed on the bike by being led through an intelligent ramp into spring and summer. 


Known as the 'Phil Ligget' of Alberta cycling, it is tough to find a more connected and knowledgable cyclist wherever you live. Michael taught the the Sun/Tues class last year to great success and is looking forward to guiding this group through another off season. When he isn't teaching cycling or announcing at bike races, Mike is busy being a family man and training for Olympic distance triathlon. He competed in the New Zealand 2012 Amateur World Championships and will have just come back from the 2013 Amateur World Championships in London, England when the classes start in October. You will enjoy his wealth of experience and his endless stories of 'life on the road' of a cyclist! Michael has CCACertification in Triathlon, Trampoline, Basketball, and Freestyle Skiing. The Doctrine is extremely fortunate to have Michael instructing a group.



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