Instructor:  Marie Michalski

Marie teaches:  a new idea of coaching that we will be announcing soon!


Class Description

Offering an alternative time frame to Trev’s famous original SpinMommas, Marie will instruct this class (open to both women and men) to increase competence, confidence, and ability on the bike. This class is targeted at riders of varying level of experience, however the common thread would be a desire to spend the winter months actually focusing on aspects that will make a superior overall cyclist. This is a class designed not for the racer in mind, but for the recreational cyclist who would love to add the option of ‘Cycling Vacation’ to their holiday prospects with (or without!) the family, or perhaps take part in a Gran Fondo or challenging Charity Ride like the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer and/or The MS Bike Tour. With Marie's large background in Pilates, she understands the essentialness of a solid foundation and focusing on form on the bike. Being an Instructor Trainer, she knows just how to describe to you how to go about attaining this solid foundation.


Marie has her B.Ed. from the University of Alberta and is fully certified in the STOTT PILATES® method.  She began her foray into the wellness world in 1997, becoming a group fitness leader.  Shortly thereafter she became a fitness program director at the YMCA; becoming an instructor of fitness leaders, personal trainers and conference presenter.  Marie stumbled upon Pilates in 2000 and found the missing link between her fitness background and passion for purposeful movement and dance. She became an instructor in 2001. 

In 2007, she received an invitation by STOTT PILATES® Corporate Training Centre to become an Instructor Trainer and fulfilled the requirements with high recommendations.  She currently trains and certifies instructors in the STOTT PILATES Method, presents workshops and hosts courses throughout the province.  

Marie's personal interests include anything adventure; participating in mountain biking, climbing, paddle sports, yoga, dance, aerial acrobatics and running.  Most recently she has ventured into the world of triathlon, road bike racing and Xterra, just to keep things interesting.  A regular at local triathlons, trail races and road bike events, she participated in 2012 Xterra Worlds in Maui and will be joining other proud Canadians at the 2014 Age Group World ITU Championships.