Gravel Cycling Vacations

These vacations are like the Dos Equis' beer commercials;
you may not drink beer all the time, but when you do, it better be good.

Doctrine Gravel Vacations:

You won't be on gravel all the time, but when you are, it'll be worth it.

I'm proud to be able to host two cycling vacations with a good dose of mixed surfaces for 2019. These vacations will take you on roads that your friends haven't ridden yet but want to.
Our first vacation is based out of the Nelson BC area and will take you on some great paved and unpaved roads as well as the Great Northern Rail Trail. The Kokanee Glacier will be in our sites if you choose this option.
Our second vacation is based out of Oliver BC and includes so many great roads it's hard to write them all here. We'll have something for most abilities. The endless awesome here is really hard to put in to words. 
Both vacations will include 3 great rides, all meals, all beer and wine, airport transfers, upkeep of your bike while there, coaching, guiding, awesome support, local street cred, sooo many photo ops, drone footage,  friends that love to do what you do!

Nelson Vacation May 30th - June 2nd 2019

Oliver Vacation October 17th - 20th 2019

For both vacations, you will fly in on Thursday evening and fly home Sunday late afternoon. This means you will only miss one day of work! The Nelson vacation you will fly in to Castlegar on Air Canada, and for Oliver you will fly in to Penticton on Westjet.
Recommended Bike:
For both vacations we aren't going to take you anywhere you require a MTN bike and we won't take you anywhere that isn't fun. I have ridden all the routes on a road bike (while scouting) and a Cyclocross Bike / Gravel Bike (while locking in routes). The gravel bike was much more comfortable due to the lower psi attainable with wider tires. 
Recommended Ability:
The Doctrine holds several cycling vacation that have NO ability criteria other than the ability to ride safely. These gravel vacations require an increased level of technique and skill due to the nature of the roadway as well as a slightly higher level of experience due to the inherent harder terrain.